Age Czech Resume

Aga Czech – Visual Artist, freelancer and founder of AC ART ATELIER.

Her education encompasses A.F.A. in Fashion Design and Styling from Academy of Visual Arts, B.A. in Education from University of Gdansk, and M.A. in Art Therapy from New York University.

Through the years her paintings evolved to emotionally expressive, vibrant in colors, with abstract background, symbolic yet figurative with a note of spiritual hint. Czech when asked about the meaning of art in her life says,

When I am painting sense of time seems to be changed and my mind is fully immersed in creative operation. It somehow evokes inner felling of complexity and fulfillment. Art making removes from my awareness the worries and frustrations of my every day life and makes it richer, more expressive and meaningful. I sometimes work impulsively when employing both traditional and innovative techniques but that combination gives me ability to free my hand. My artworks always convey emotions, feelings or sensations of where I am as an artist and individual at the particular moment of my life. My spontaneous hand always follows the heart, the core of my existence, the true me.

As Czech believes her artwork changed and had been strongly influenced by the Art Therapy Program. Her art making process freed itself from an archetype of art that needs to represent style, technique or excellence and it became the new paradigm of creativity: emotional, spontaneous and joyful. "I believe in connection between body, mind and spirit and their unique language of communication which is universal for all humans – the visual meaning of images, symbols and hues".